Hoodlands & Co.


I grew up just outside the Greater Salt Lake City area in a music filled, artistic family where we were always told to be ourselves, try new things and take on new challenges as much as we possibly could. Throughout my life I've loved the outdoors and any time I could combine being outside with music, I did. Which led to me diving into the festival scene (growing up in the industry helped a bit with that too), thus adventures out of state and more specifically around the west coast brought Hoodlands & Co to life. 

It was on those endless winding roads that my love for creativity and an impromptu kind of lifestyle was born.. It's good to have a plan, but it's also good to throw in some extra pizzaz every now and then to keep it interesting.

I still take solo drives up Big Cottonwood Canyon here in Utah because that's where I feel most at home. My love of live music, being outside, espresso at pretty much any hour of the day or night, dancing, and of course, fashion is what motivated me to turn this dream into a reality. I have a special place in my heart for the area that I call home, and I view the pieces of clothing I've made as a way of inviting people to experience a little bit of my world. Even if you're not from the west coast I hope that when you put these hand-made pieces on, you're inspired to live more spontaneously and never stop being curious about the world around you! Never stop creating!

Aspire to Inspire!
We're all in this together!


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